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Gardening Injuries


Has quarantine life recently found you completing every single thing on your list of house chores + yard work in a matter of weeks?  Are you wondering if you’re really safer at home because you now have aches and pains that are plaguing your days? You’re not alone.  

Sound familiar?:  “My back hurts because I’ve been gardening/doing yard work”  Tis the season! But now add that many of you are doing the same hard work day after day, not just on the weekends.  Just like that first big snow will get you because of poor shoveling techniques, the turn of weather will undoubtedly lead to a grouchy back.  We can set our calendars by it.  

Stick with us and we will give you a few things to help with your pain.  For the most part, we need to address gentle spinal + hip range of motion, core + glute activation.  For the most part, backs hurt and get tired when the glutes stop working.  Gentle activation of these muscles with a few notes about how to move well can set you free. 

Spinal Waves

Hip Release with Foam Roller

Windshield Wiper Legs

Introduction to Core Activation

Core Progression

Glute Activation - Bridge

All 4’s Arm/Leg Lift

Now that you’ve got your mobility going and your activation turned on, let’s talk about form.  These nuggets of information will help you when you bend, squat and lift, you know how to do it properly.

Proper Hinge Form - Kneeling (for the garden)

Hinge to Squat Form


Practice your form without weight and then slowly add a bit of weight (something light) so you can prime your body to accept load before you drag 30lbs bags of mulch around for 8 hours a day :)