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Shoveling 101

Shoveling Basics … take the time to learn! 

Here we are, it’s February and there is snow in a lot of the country.  Last we heard it was snowing in Texas.  Every winter we see a lot of people with injuries from shoveling. It starts as a little tweak that usually gets repeated year after year.  Then that little tweak from shoveling turns into an ache that lasts longer than it should.  Even if you think you are the world’s best shoveler, take a moment to learn a few tips from the pros.  You don’t have to live with tweaks + lasting discomfort. 


WARM-UP:  get your low back, upper back, and hips moving!

Spinal Wave

Thoracic Rotation (upper back)

Hip Opener w Twist

Hinge Form - practice it a few times because it’s your power

Lunge Form


HOW TO:  remember “happy feet” + “T-Rex arms”

    1. “Happy Feet”: Keep your feet and your shovel facing the same direction at all times.  Avoid twisting, rather use your feet to turn 
      your body when unloading the shovel + placing the snow in a new locati
    2. “T-Rex Arms”: As you load and lift the shovel, keep it close to your body.   Think “T-rex arms”(elbows bent and close to your body)  in order to keep the heavy load closest to your center, rather than pushing it away from you as you load + lift. 
    3. When you load up the shovel, get low in your lunge and use those legs to lift the load, not your back
    4. If the snow is heavy, do manageable small loads. It might take longer but it’s a lot shorter than tweaking something

5. Put music or a podcast in those ears and zen out. This a beneficial full-body workout when done right.